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Deforestation and degradation of vast swaths of land for commodities such as palm oil, pulp and paper, cattle, soy, timber and rubber is responsible for almost one quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions and for unprecedented species extinction. 

Simultaneously, the occupation of vast areas of land for industrial plantation agriculture is a leading cause of violent land conflicts, as these activities often dispossess and displace local and indigenous communities. 

Simply put, if we want to limit the catastrophic impacts of climate change, to reduce our impact on the world’s biodiversity, and respect the rights of indigenous peoples, protecting the world’s remaining forests is key.

But deforestation isn’t just bad for the planet. Increasingly, it’s risky business. Companies engaged in deforestation, land grabbing and human rights violations expose themselves and their shareholders to significant financial risks from stalled business operations, reputational damage and legal liabilities. 

The industries that drive most deforestation, especially in the tropics, are cattle, timber, palm oil, rubber, soy, and pulp & paper. If it were up to you, your money probably wouldn’t be invested in these industries. But would you know it if it was? Your answer matters, because as Bill McKibben has said, "if it's wrong to wreck the planet, then it's wrong to profit from that wreckage."

Deforestation Free Funds can help get your money, and OUR money, out of deforestation.

Deforestation Free Funds is a search platform that informs and empowers everyday people, consumers, and investors to make decisions aligned with their values. It lets you see if your savings are invested in companies and sectors driving deforestation, shows you how to take action to get fund managers to implement more sustainable investment policies, and helps you find investment options that support an environmentally-friendly future.

Follow the money
Track the deforestation-risk of your investments
Palm oilPalm oil
Producers and traders
Companies that produce and trade palm oil, rubber, soy, cattle, timber and pulp & paper and have a past record or a significant risk of contributing to deforestation, land grabbing, and human rights abuses.
Banks and lenders
Financial institutions directly and indirectly involved in underwriting and lending to deforestation-risk producers and traders.
Major consumer brands
Consumer goods retailers that source palm oil, rubber, soy, cattle, timber and pulp & paper from deforestation-risk producers and traders and sell it to consumers worldwide.
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Show your search results to your financial advisor or retirement plan manager. Talk about how you can align your investments with your values.